Official November 4th 2014 Endorsements

College Democrats at San Francisco State University have voted on the following San Francisco City and County propositions/ballot measures and candidates during the October 6, 2014 endorsement vote meeting. Of the 46 endorsements the College Democrats made this General Election season, 39 of those endorsements prevailed which means College Democrats Endorsements carry at a 85% success rate statewide and 98% locally – a testament to the influence of college voters.

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12 San Francisco Ballot Measures

  • YES on Proposition A: Transportation and Road Improvement (Bond) PASSED (71%)
  • YES on Proposition B: Population-Based Adjustment to General Fund Appropriation to Transportation Fund (Charter Amendment) PASSED (61%)
  • YES on Proposition C: Children and Youth Fund; Public Education Enrichment Fund; Our Children, Our Families Council; Rainy Day Reserves (Charter Amendment) PASSED (73%)
  • YES on Proposition D: Retiree Health Benefits for Former Redevelopment Agency and Successor Agency Employee (Charter Amendment) PASSED (55%)
  • YES on Proposition E: Business and Tax Regulation Code—Tax on Sugar-Sweetened Beverages to Fund Food and Health Programs (Ordinance) FAILED 2/3 THRESHOLD (54%)
  • YES on Proposition F: Pier 70 Development Site Height Limit Increase (Ordinance) PASSED (73%)
  • YES on Proposition G: Business and Tax Regulations Code—Surtax on Transfers of Residential Real Property Within Five Years of a Prior Transfer (Ordinance) FAILED (54%)
  • NO on Proposition H: Requiring Certain Athletic Fields in Golden Gate Park to be Maintained as Natural Grass (Ordinance) FAILED (54%)
  • YES on Proposition I: Park Code—Children’s Playgrounds, Walking Trails, Athletic Fields (Ordinance) PASSED (55%)
  • YES on Proposition J: Administrative Code—Minimum Wage (Ordinance) PASSED (77%)
  • YES on Proposition K: Affordable Housing Goals (Declaration of Policy) PASSED (65%)
  • NO on Proposition L: Policy Regarding Transportation Priorities in San Francisco (Declaration of Policy) FAILED (62%)
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College Democrats at SF State Endorsements for the November 2014 General Election. Featuring Propositions on the ballot in the City and County of San Francisco.

VoterGuide SF Props

15 San Francisco City and County Candidates

VoterGuide: SF Supes

  • Board of Education subject to change with tallying of absentee and provisional ballots.
    • Emily Murase (incumbent) – WON with 18%
    • Hydra Mendoza (incumbent) – WON with 12%
    • Trevor McNeil – 4th Place Finish at 11.86%
    • Mark Murphy – 9th Place Finish at 6.08%
    • Stevon Cook – 5th Place Finish at 11.49%
    • Shamann Walton – WON with 16%


  • Community College Board one (1) seat, two year (2) term
    • Amy Bacharach – WON with 46%
  • Community College Board three (3) seats, four year (4) term
    • John Rizzo (incumbent) – WON with 16%
    • Brigitte Davila – WON with 17%
    • Wendolyn Aragon – 5th Place Finish with 14%

VoterGuide: City College Trustees

Official San Francisco Department of Elections candidates list. Click here.

6 Statewide Ballot Measures

Here is the official Secretary of State Voter Information Guide.

The following propositions are officially endorsed by the California Democratic Party and the College Democrats at San Francisco State University.

– The information following the Proposition title is not the official measure title, but is a brief description –

  • YES on Proposition 1: (formerly Proposition 43) California Water Bond. Damn and Tunnel Construction Funding. PASSED (77%)
  • YES on Proposition 2: (formerly Proposition 44) California State Budget Surplus Use. Rainy Day Fund Constitutional Amendment. PASSED (76%)
  • YES on Proposition 45: Approval of Healthcare Insurance Changes. FAILED (60%)
  • YES on Proposition 47: Misdemeanor Sentencing Reform. PASSED (79%)
  • YES on Proposition 48: Native American Gaming Compacts Veto Referendum.  (55%)

Propositions 41 and 42 were supported by our members earlier this year for the June 3, 2014 Primary Election.

The following proposition was neither endorsed nor rejected by the California Democratic Party. The College Democrats at San Francisco State University have decided to not support the proposition, but stopped short of taking voting No on Prop 46.

  • NO on Proposition 46: Medical Malpractice Lawsuit Expenses Coverage Expansion, Prescription Medicine State Registry, and Drug Testing of Doctors. FAILED (65%)


Just as a note, we also endorsed several candidates at our previous April Endorsement meeting. You can review those endorsements here.