Endorsement Process

Specifically delineated herein as per Article VII of the College Democrats at San Francisco State University Constitution:


§ A. Endorsement Overview     

The endorsement slate of the College Democrats at San Francisco State University shall consist of any and all endorsements made by a sixty percent (60%) majority of present, voting, dues-paid members in good standing.  The College Democrats at San Francisco State University may endorse:

  1. The Democratic Party candidate in partisan political office for any local, state, or national office;
  2. Democratic primary candidates for major political office;
  3. Any Democrat for non-partisan political and non-political office;
  4. Any Democrat for non-partisan and partisan political and non-political office in a special election;
  5. Any initiative, measure, advisory petition, or action;
  6. Dues-paid members in good standing and Alumni Members for any office within the Democratic Party or for any elected office;
  7. Candidates for the Associated Students, Incorporated student elections.

§ B. Endorsement Procedures       

For all candidate endorsements, the Executive Board will draft, send out, and consider completed endorsement questionnaires.  This committee will be responsible for conducting basic research on candidates and supplying the club with pertinent information about that candidate’s background and past or current position(s).  For local initiatives and statewide ballot measures an endorsement questionnaire is not necessary. Proponents and opponents of ballot measures may be invited to club meetings to present to the general membership if an endorsement is solicited or offered by the club. The Political Director shall inform each eligible candidate and ballot measure proponent, in writing, by telephone, or through electronic mail (email) of the endorsement requirements and process. The Political Director is required to maintain a record of all communications and scheduling of candidates and ballot measure proponents. The candidate may be invited to speak at the endorsement meeting granted they are properly notified and scheduled to attend. If, however, the candidate or a member of that candidate’s staff cannot attend a meeting, the endorsement questionnaire must be posted at least one (1) week before an endorsement vote meeting for all members to read. The questionnaires are to be posted on the College Democrats at San Francisco State University website. Once all candidates have been given consideration and/or have their questionnaires posted on the website, dues-paid members in good standing must vote in the affirmative by at least a sixty percent (60%) majority for an endorsement to become official. Any percentage of votes below the threshold results in a “no endorsement” position for the entire club. No endorsement vote can be held whenever the candidate(s) or ballot measure(s) on that ballot is/are present at the endorsement meeting.

§ C. Endorsement Ballot

The Official College Democrats at San Francisco State University Endorsement Ballot must be drafted by the Political Director and approved by ⅔ of the Executive Board before being put before the general membership. At present, a ⅔ majority on the Executive Board is four (4) Board members. Each candidate on the ballot must be listed by name under the office for which they are running. No other biographical information, political stances, or party affiliation is to be listed. Each ballot measure or initiative on the ballot must be listed numerically and with a one (1) sentence description that is to be thoroughly screened by the Executive Board for bias before being approved. The Endorsement Ballot cannot have any candidate or ballot measure slogans or taglines. The Official College Democrats at San Francisco State University Endorsement Ballot must be submitted anonymously by all present, voting, dues-paid members in good standing. Good standing is defined as regular attendance at general meetings as well as one (1) day of tabling. The vote count of the Official Endorsement Ballot is to be done by the Executive Board without the presence of candidates or ballot measure proponents. Endorsement results are to be posted online as soon as the votes are completely tallied.

§ D. Endorsement Schedule

The College Democrats at San Francisco State University can undertake the endorsement process any time before the June primaries and from September to October for November elections. No endorsements are allowed when the general membership is unable to convene – including but not limited to weekends, Summer recess, Winter vacation, Spring break, or federal holidays. The latest an endorsement process can be undertaken is four (4) weeks before an election.

Endorsement Questionnaires

Particular Democratic candidates for local and statewide offices were invited to submit a questionnaire to be considered for endorsement by our members. Some candidates chose not to seek our endorsement. These questionnaires were designed to be used to screen candidates and save time during meetings if candidates were unable to visit or be accommodated.

Our Executive Board will review the responses, ask clarifying and follow-up questions and offer recommendations for dues-paid members in the lead up to the actual endorsement vote. Candidates may also be invited to speak personally to the membership prior to the vote.

Too Long; Didn’t Read

Dues-paid members in good standing will receive an email with instructions on how to vote for the candidates they want to earn our endorsement. Only eligible dues-paid members who are undergraduate and graduate San Francisco State University students in good standing can cast endorsement votes

There are a number of good candidates in every race. To earn our endorsement, a candidate must get 60% of the total of present, voting, dues-paid members. We set this very high bar because we see campaigns as part of our larger effort to build long term progressive strength. If our members are divided on an endorsement, we will offer a “no endorsement” position for that particular race, campaign or set of candidates. However, we encourage members to vote how they see fit.

To prepare for the voting rounds, we encourage members to start reading, sharing and discussing the candidates’ responses once the completed questionnaires are posted on this website. Public record documents and other pertinent information will always be available on our endorsements considerations page.