ADEMs Results

The Assembly District Delegates and Assembly District Executive Board representatives are elected at Assembly District Election Meetings (ADEMs) held in each of the 80 Assembly Districts. The California Democratic Party convened ADEMs on January 10 and 11, 2014, where 14 people (7 men / 7 women) from each Assembly District were elected to represent their district for both the 2015 and 2016 State Conventions.

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The College Democrats at San Francisco State University expressed support for the endorsed slates of Assembly Delegate candidates of:

District 17 Assemblymember David Chiu:


California’s 17th Assembly District (“The Eastside”), represented by Democratic Assemblymember David Chiu, elected the following candidates at the ADEM at the African American Art & Culture Complex on Saturday January 10. College Democrats are bolded:

Female Candidates (in vote-getting order)

  1. Jacquelyn Omotalade
  2. Louise Fischer
  3. Gillian Gillett
  4. Julissa Hernandez
  5. Rebecca Lee
  6. Nancy Rock
  7. Rebecca Miller

Male Candidates (in vote-getting order)

  1. Joshua Arce
  2. Michael Theriault
  3. Juan Cerda
  4. John Baldo
  5. Timothy “Toye” Moses
  6. Todd David
  7. Coma Te

Jacquelyn Omotalade was elected as the 17th Assembly District’s Executive Board representative.

District 19 Assemblymember Phil Ting:


California’s 19th Assembly District (“The Westside”), represented by Democratic Assemblymember Phil Ting, elected the following candidates at the ADEM at the Pacelli Event Center in Westlake, Daly City on Sunday, January 10.  College Democrats are bolded:

AD 19 Female Candidates (in vote-getting order).

  1. Cecilia Chung
  2. Amy Bacharach
  3. Suzy Loftus
  4. Susan Pfeifer
  5. Perla Ibarrientos
  6. Wendy Aragon
  7. Leah LaCroix

AD 19 Male Candidates (in vote-getting order)

  1. Jonathan Lyens
  2. Michael Pangilinan
  3. Michael Sweet
  4. Jeffery Woo
  5. Alex Walker
  6. Sam Rodriguez
  7. Shaun Haines

Alex Walker was elected as the 19th Assembly District’s Executive Board representative.

District 15 Unity Slate:

2015ADEM AD15

and the endorsed candidate slate of Assemblymember Kevin Mullin (AD22).

These Districts represent the principal areas in which College Democrats at SF State live and vote and so reflect the needs and desires of a rapidly growing electorate and ever prominent youth wing of the California Democratic Party.