Endorsement Overview

For years, the College Democrats at San Francisco State University’s endorsement has been among the most sought-after and influential endorsements in San Francisco and Bay Area politics as we are the premier Democratic club for young Democrats in San Francisco’s lower West Side. These endorsements will be reflected in the club’s official slate card and campaign efforts. Feel free to click through the drop down tab or click the links below to view our previous endorsements:

November 2014 General Consolidated Election Endorsements

January 2015 Assembly District Delegate Election Meetings Endorsements

Please note that individual tallies on how College Democrats voted will not be available as votes are cast via secret ballot.  However, endorsements do require a two-thirds majority of eligible members in good standing and in attendance to pass. Anonymous vote totals may or may not be published upon request.

If you are a proponent or a campaign staff person for an issue campaign or candidate, refer all endorsement meeting requests to our Political Director Adam Rey at poldir@sfsudems.org and be sure to CC President Jordan A. James Harvill at president@sfsudems.org.