A guiding principle by which we adhere: “If you want to go fast, go alone; if you want to go far, go together.”

In working toward a more perfect California through scholarship, the pursuit of social equity, and a constant questioning of the status quo; in striving to foster a fully just and sustainable society through higher consciousness, action, and finesse; having all opinions represented, all rights protected, and all needs met; we dedicate ourselves to directing the participation of Democratic students at San Francisco State University as well as those students who identify with Democratic Party ideals.

As students, we pledge to move beyond the political apathy that now dominates political discourse in our great nation and we are firmly committed to fostering an educated populace that is more tolerant of ideological differences. We recognize that limited approaches to issues are increasingly ineffective in a world that is as fast changing, globally interrelated, and complex as ours has become. As a result of this dynamic political landscape, it is our mission to advocate for Democratic students beyond just issues relating to the university experience but for local, state, and national issues that matter to all young adults regardless of ideological adherence.


We advance our goals through several ongoing programs:

  • VOTER REGISTRATION. Throughout the year, the College Democrats at San Francisco State University work hard to register Democrats throughout the city and county. Our strong voter registration drive in 2012 is directly correlated to the strong support for 2012’s Proposition 30 initiative to increase educational funding. However, with each new crop of students at SF State,College Democrats at San Francisco State University work hard every semester to ensure everyone can exercise their civic duty.
  • VOTER OUTREACH. Our grassroots volunteers, students, and activists reach out to voters, providing information on endorsed candidates and motivating Democratic supporters to vote. College Democrats at San Francisco State University works in tandem with Associated Students, Incorporated at San Francisco State University as well as the University Office of Community Relations to ensure all students and faculty are aware of the pressing issues each election season.
  • ENDORSEMENTS. The College Democrats at San Francisco State University make endorsements for each election to inform Democratic voters about the candidates and ballot measures we consider most worthy of support. Our endorsements are highly sought after by campaigns that hope to get even a sliver of the influential student vote.
  • CAMPAIGNING. Throughout the year, the College Democrats at San Francisco State University connect students at SF State with dozens of campaign opportunities whether it be working for candidates or ballot measures, SF State students who get connected to these campaigns often get the chance to work with the elected officials or consulting firms post-election and post-graduation. Most recently, several of our members hopped on the winning side of the recent Assembly District 17 race and many alumni have gone on to work for very successful and influential campaign strategies firms locally based in San Francisco. Contact Political Director Marcus Ismael for work opportunities.
  • CHARTERING. A major component of California’s grassroots organizing is club chartering. As a result, we are fully chartered and accredited with the San Francisco Democratic Party/Democratic County Central Committee, California College Democrats, California Young Democrats, and the College Democrats of America. We also serve to uplift new chapters as they make the transition from a small club to a fully-recognized and chartered member of the California College Democrats.
  • REPRESENTATION. College Democrats at San Francisco State University’s delegations to various conferences often carry the representation of whole regions of the state and even, at times, the entire state at the national level – our current Executive Director is the Pacific Regional Director in the College Democrats of America.
  • FUNDRAISING. The resources to accomplish our goals come from our local supporters in San Francisco as well as throughout our statewide networks. We raise funds to support our annual voter registration efforts and voter outreach efforts and to ensure that we have the resources necessary to elect Democrats at the local, state and national level. Our annual Lunar New Year Fundraiser – held right after the San Francisco Chinese New Year Parade  – celebrates our continued commitment to celebrating diversity as well as Democratic efforts and nets the club a substantial amount of funding which allows us to send a large delegation to the State Convention.


College Democrats at San Francisco State University (“SFSU College Dems” or “SF State Dems”, as the club is commonly called throughout San Francisco) was founded in 2004. 2014 marks our 10th Anniversary!

College Democrats at San Francisco State University is the official arm of the Democratic Party on both San Francisco State University campuses and is the premier Democratic youth and college organization in the City and County of San Francisco.

College Democrats at San Francisco State University is one of the most influential campus chapters of the California College Democrats. We won the Chapter of the Year award in 2014 for our enormous fundraising and campaign efforts in 2012 and 2013.

College Democrats at San Francisco State University is also one of the most active chapters of the California Young Democrats. We take a biannual retreat to Tahoe with several other College Democrats chapters in the Bay Area to strengthen our membership and build a statewide progressive network. We also attend CYD’s annual Executive Board Meeting at the California Democratic Party’s State Convention. San Francisco State University College Democrats were in full force at the recent 2014 State Convention in Los Angeles as well as the 2014 CDP Executive Board in Oakland and the 2014 CDP Executive Board in San Diego.

College Democrats at San Francisco State University is a proven force for political organizing and outreach. For the 2014 Primary Elections nearly all our members were involved in State Assembly races, local ballot measure campaigns, and even the State Controller primary.

Every year, College Democrats at San Francisco State University invite accomplished leaders and elected officials to campus. In the last four years, the club has hosted nearly all members of the San Francisco Board of Supervisors, New Jersey Senator Cory Booker, former Supervisor and current Board of Equalization Member Fiona Ma, former Board of Equalization Member and current State Controller Betty Yee, Congresswoman Jackie Speier, Assemblymen Phil Ting and Kevin Mullin, former Supervisor and current Assemblyman David Chiu and many more.

College Democrats at San Francisco State University provide a variety of social and professional opportunities. The club is a great place to network and socialize with a group of students bound by common Democratic values. San Francisco State University College Democrats members connect to employers on a regular basis to support individuals interested in careers in politics, government, and law.


The College Democrats at San Francisco State University are supported by the San Francisco County Central Committee (SF Democratic Party) as well as various other Democratic clubs throughout San Francisco.

Our generous corporate sponsors are LyftAirbnb, and the San Francisco Association of REALTORS® .

Our elected officials who sponsor the club are Assembly Speaker Pro Tempore David Chiu (AD17) and Assembly Democratic Caucus Chair Phil Ting (AD19), San Francisco District 8 Supervisor Scott Wiener, and BART Board Director Nick Josefowitz.

Our sponsors’ support will go toward sending a strong contingent of College Dems from San Francisco and across the Bay Area down to the state Democratic Convention in Anaheim in May 2015 and will allow us to expand our campaign mobilization efforts for upcoming election races.

Feel free to read about the issues on which San Francisco State University College Democrats have taken a stand by clicking here.