College Democrats at San Francisco State University represent SFSU Gators on all levels of California politics and even on a national level. All of our members work towards a better San Francisco, a stronger California, and a bluer United States. As one of the most active chapters of California College Democrats, we are making our presence known and are fast becoming a crucial part of San Francisco politics.


College Democrats at San Francisco State University aim to make college students valuable assets to the political process by opening up working opportunities in which young Democrats can get involved. Ultimately our mission is to build up and maintain a stronger, working, and progressive California that will benefit all Californians and not just college students.







We understand that a functioning society is not just the result of a politically involved populace, but of thriving communities. We make community involvement a top priority by reaching out to the often overlooked portions of San Francisco and advocating for those who cannot advocate for themselves. Our vigorous commitment to volunteer community service and bringing awareness to social issues distinguishes us as more than just a political organization.







Our organization is committed to effecting change that benefits all residents in San Francisco as well as those throughout the state. Many of our members take part in political campaigns and issue campaigns as well as working for renowned Democratic leaders. Though the work we do for campaigns is crucial, the discussions we hold on women’s rights, immigration issues, educational funding, firearm safety, and other issues are critical to an aware and engaged student population.


Join us!

Interested yet? Feel free to stop by one of our meetings!

We are on Summer Break currently and will resume meetings in late August 2015. Stay tuned for an updated meeting time. We gladly welcome all individuals at our meetings. Many of our meetings are attended by local politicians and other community leaders, so there is always something exciting happening.

Please check out our upcoming events on our News page.